Dimitri Toonen

Sounds From Emotions Digipack CD


Buy your very own Digipack CD of Dimitri Toonen’s next album – Sounds From Emotions.

“Sounds From Emotions” is Dimitri’s 2nd album and is written more from a personal perspective. The songs have a more darker vibe than the previous album. Although it is written quite quickly after – Leave My Mind Sometimes – it really is a totally different album. More musicians are involved as well as different sounds are being used.

“Writing and producing my previous album gave me confidence in continuing my musical journey. Right after the release of it I started writing new material as if I wasn’t done writing. But this wasn’t the case. I just had different things to say and to share. More personal emotions. Also, I experimented with different sounds and let my guitar speak more for itself.” – Dimitri

Track list

1. Prologue: Fading movement
2. Decapitation
3. You Can’t Change My Mind
4. Elusive Facts
5. Uncertain Future
6. This Morning
7. Music Will Bring Me Another Day
8. When Nobody Likes You
9. My Dark Passenger
10. Epilogue: Moving on

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