Dimitri Toonen

Leave My Mind Sometimes Boxset


Buy your very own Boxset of Dimitri Toonen’s debut album Leave My Mind Sometimes.

– 12″ double Vinyl
– Digipack CD with booklet
– Autograph (if desired)

“Leave My Mind Sometimes” is a diverse album, although all songs have been written on an acoustic nylon string guitar and build from there. Some songs evolved into larger pieces or progressive rock while others remained small and fragile. Therefore most songs can still be played on an acoustic guitar without taking away their essence.

The album is inspired by various types of music like progressive rock, film music, singer-songwriter music, and pop-rock. Even with this abundance of influences, “Leave My Mind Sometimes” has a cohesive sound which takes you on a journey from start to finish.

“This is some seriously good music. The instruments, vocals, and lyrics feed the emotion in the music to wonderful effect.”

Side A
Not Home Today
Ganges Story Part I: Tragedy

Side B
The Destruction Of You
Leave My Mind Sometimes

Side C
Ganges Story Part II: The Other Place
The Day I Stopped…

Side D
Desolation Suite:
I: Early Days
II: Choices
III: A Dark Chapter

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