Dimitri Toonen

Sounds From Emotions

“Welcome to a snapshot of my life put into music – “Sounds From Emotions”.
The title is a personal one and came to me when I was about 18 years old.
I had already been playing guitar for a while back then and writing music at the time.
I noticed then that some of the music that I wrote had a more emotional vibe to it than other music that I’d written before.
So I labeled those parts as – “Sounds From Emotions” – whenever I felt that those parts had a more profound emotion attached to it and had less to do with technical guitar chops and skills.

After writing my previous album – “Leave My Mind Sometimes”, I was going through some
deeply rooted memories and wrote about them. These writing sessions felt a bit like therapy, extrapolating all of these emotions into written words and music.
After about 3 months I had written 8 songs that reflected one of the darkest and heaviest
moments in my lifetime and the title that I wrote back in 2003 made a lot more sense now.

The music that’s on the album is quite melancholic, but I wrote it with a lot of joy and love.
Strangely enough, I found that melancholic music is quite uplifting for me 
and I guess that reflects back into my own songs.
Thank you for supporting me and my music. I hope you like what you hear!

Directed and Edited by Julien Segeren

All words and music by Dimitri Toonen except

“My Dark Passenger” music by Dimitri Toonen and Sander van Gaans

All produced and mixed by Dimitri Toonen

Hugo Ribeiro – Drums
Rob Herben – Backing Vocals
Sander van Gaans – Guitars on My Dark Passenger
Cecilia Garcia – Violin on Uncertain Future
Lucas Argomedo – Cello on Uncertain Future
Patricio Böttcher – Soprano Sax on This Morning
Dimitri Toonen – Everything else

Recorded and mixed at Bald Bastard Studio in Holland

All songs mastered at Steve Kitch Mastering

Album art created by Florian Nicolle

Photography by Esmé den Braven

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